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OFH 1 is a community outreach organization that helps families in the community, through community days and referrals.


We served over 2000 people a year, including individuals, single mothers/fathers with children and two-parent households.


OFH has more than 75 dedicated volunteers.  


OFH was successful in helping families transition from temporary housing to permanent housing.


We have sent over 1000 children back to school with fresh haircuts, uniforms, and school supplies.


During the Christmas holidays, we have surprised over 2000 children with their Christmas wish list.


We have fed and clothed over 2000 people in the community.


W.O.V.E. our young women's empowerment classes has served over 60 young women.


We have sent over 400 Children to Camp.


We do not have paid staff. all work is done by dedicated volunteers.

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